A portable case
for gamers and enthusiasts

Mounts a Monitor, Reduces Cable Clutter, Saves Desk Space
What's not to love?

A portable case
for gamers and enthusiasts

Mounts a Monitor, Reduces Cable Clutter, Saves Desk Space
What's not to love?

What is the C1 Case?

The C1 Case is a computer case, designed for gamers and hardware enthusiasts, that saves desk space and is easly transported by mounting a monitor and utilising a carry handle, giving you more room to work and game, and letting you bring your rig to events with ease.

The case has features for cable management: the motherboard IO points downward to allow all cables to be tidily routed underneath the case. The motherboard is also raised off the back of the case to allow cables to be put underneath it for cable management.

Why Should I Buy One?

Shake up your rig and save on space with our compact and portable case - all without compromising on power.

  • Portability

    Easily transportable for gamers on the go. With a convenient carry handle on top, you’ll always be ready to move when the need arises.

  • Aesthetics

    Clean up your desk with clever cable management features and a case that simply looks good.

  • Dust

    Our case comes with dust filters to keep your components dust free.

  • Acoustics

    Designed so you can neither see nor hear it, our case uses a fanless design to reduce noise.

  • Thermals

    The GPU and CPU vent directly out of the case for optimal temperatures without loud case fans.

  • Built for enthusiasts

    With tool-less panel removal and hard drive installation, we make upgrading your rig a breeze. Supports high end hardware.

Hardware Compatibility

The C1 Case prides itself on being a compact, powerful case that doesn't compromise on hardware compabilility.

  • Motherboard:ITX motherboard
  • GPU:Up to 10.5" / 266mm
  • Drives:Two 3.5" drives
  • CPU Coolers:Low Profile CPU Coolers
  • Case Fans:None, the case is a fanless design
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Media Coverage

  • Our start-up of the week Crono Labs’ teenage founders want to create Ireland’s first truly successful hardware start-up. Marketing is one of Crono Labs’ strongest efforts at the moment, spreading the word of the crowdfunding campaign, as well as video reviews of the design, among tech bloggers.
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    John Kennedy,

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  • Many people use their monitor VESA mount in order to attach it to an arm, but what about screwing in a case instead? Marketed as an easily manageable and upgradable all-in-one type solution, even a case carry handle is included in order to help you transport your whole system around the office, to LAN parties or to a friends place.
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    Chris Smith,

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  • What is so unique about it? Well, the case is designed to have your monitor mounted onto it, making your PC easier to transport and reducing cable clutter using the included short VGA and HDMI cables along with a branching power cable to power both the monitor and the PC. The case features USB ports on the base of the stand and boasts impressive hardware compatibility: ATX power supply, 2x 3.5” drives, 2x 2.5” drives, up to 10.5” GPU’s, mATX or ITX motherboards and four 120mm fans. Closed loop water coolers are also supported if an ITX motherboard is used.
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    Nicolas Charalambous,

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  • An Irish startup company called Crono Labs has launched an Indiegogo campaign to create the C1 computer case. The C1 can have a VESA compliant monitor attached to it, creating a DIY all-in-one system with the ultimate goal of decluttering your desk. The big advantage over typical all-in-ones is that the C1 actually has space for full-size components, including big graphics cards.
    The Indiegogo campaign is looking for $2,000, which will be used to produce prototypes for testing as well as sending out to hardware reviewers. Any additional money raised will be going towards marketing and further design iterations. If the campaign is successful, a follow up campaign will be set up to do a production run of around 1,000 more cases.
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  • Crono Labs of Galway, Ireland is a startup that hopes to “declutter your desk” with their C1 Computer Case, a unique enclosure that allows you to mount a VESA compliant monitor to the case itself, creating your own all-in-one system. The idea of creating a portable all-in-one type system is appealing for the space-constrained or for LAN gaming, and the ability to use full-sized components would allow for a more powerful, and lower cost, build.
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Where and When Can I Buy It?

Our KickStarter Campaign is currently live, and you can back the C1 Case on it for $150!

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